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“Music connects to the human soul like no other form of art.”

A music composer, art crafter, a father and a human being who enjoys breaking cultural boundaries through music, crafts and art.

Nawaf Gheraibah is an expression of his rich multicultural heritage. A postgraduate student from the University of Southampton, UK in composition, and is currently employed at the Higher Institute of Musical Arts, Kuwait.


Spending most of his time traveling between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, Gheraibah enjoys exploring independent and traditional forms of art.


Gheraibah believes art is not confined to one form. Instead, he finds that blending the art of many cultures produces a rich harmonious sound. Experimenting with different cultural sounds.


A spiritual person by nature, Gheraibah finds music & arts to be a form of enlightenment; a source of relaxation: a deep meditation.

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